Workplace Wellness

Chef Raquel and a health coach will come to your office and provide a 1-hour lunch workshop to you and your staff. Participants will learn about healthy, easy lunch alternatives, nutritional information, and have the opportunity to have their own cooking/nutrition questions answered. Participants will also prepare a hands-on snack for the group to share.

Chef Raquel pairs with a Health Coach or Nutritionist to provide custom wellness initiatives that provide platforms for employees to incorporate healthier lifestyles at home and in the workplace.


– Superfoods and Eating the Rainbow
– Heart Healthy Eating
– Healthy Eating as a Lifestyle
– Portion Sizes
– Eating Well on a Budget
– Stocking Your Pantry
– Prepping Meals in Advance
– Shortcuts in the Kitchen
– Food Storage
– Whole Grains
– Healthy Snack Options
– Juicing and Smoothies
– Better Food Options for a Crowd (meetings, fairs etc)
– Building a Complete Meal
– Easy Ways to Include Fruits and Veggies
– Eating Locally, Farmers Market Education

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